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Cristina Rebull

Artistic Director and Producer

Iliana Prieto

Consultant and Assistant Director

María Amalia Llopiz

Producer and Designer

Jenny Fernández

Cameraman and Video Editor

Ileana Cortizo


Ana Ruth Bermúdez


Marisol Moreno

Dancer and Choreographer


Cristina Rebull

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba, as a Licentiate in Performing Arts, where she also taught for five years. She has over thirty years of experience as an actress, artistic director, TV and theater producer, soundtrack designer, scriptwriter, playwright, narrator, acting teacher and singer. For over ten years she has been teaching drama classes and workshops at Miami Dade College. She also worked as an educator for three years in The Institute of Art of Asunción, Paraguay. Author of fifteen plays. All her works have been premiered on stages in Cuba, Puerto Rico, United States, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Salvador, Honduras, Martinique, and Ecuador. She has been a guest speaker at the Miami Book Fair since 2015 and conducted workshops for the event ‘’Por los Caminos de la Eñe’’, organized by the Bilingual Education Department of the Miami Public Schools in collaboration with the Cuatrogatos Foundation. She just published her second book, El Príncipe de las Pulgas, Editorial Norma, 2017, which won the 2018 Cuatrogatos Foundation Prize. Previously she won the Norma Prize for Children's Literature in 2015 with her first book Por Culpa de una S. In 2013 she received three EMMY Suncoast nominations, and won the EMMY for Writer-Short Form. As a singer she won the OTI Festival Award of the Ibero-American Song, 1995.