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"To give something positive to the humanity is both beautiful and enriching for those who give as well as for those who receive... To have been invited by Art for Us to the event With Certain Women, was a source of joy and enthusiasm for me, because I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with my dear and admired Cristina Rebull as well as with a team of very talented women who are an inspiration for everybody... I congratulate Art for Us and I give it all my support so this initiative could continue and become a big tradition for our city. ."

Susy Leman
Singer and Broadcaster

" They are three and together the form the essential core of the project With Certain Women. One pianist, one cellist, and one actress and singer. Like officiants of an old and always new ritual, they come together from time to time, they make music and they share the literary word. Sometimes they invite other women so they can bring their talents and make the spectacle even more potent. Together they celebrate the feminine force in the art as well as in the life. "

Sergio Andricaín
Writer and Director of the Cuatrogatos Fundation

"Art for Us is a relatively young organization, but it is backed by the trajectories of prominent figures of popular and classic music, theatre, and literature. In this artistic project –multidisciplinary and vital-, well know creators share spaces and experiences with emergent talents. The result is visible: an enriching and attractive intergenerational dialogue where women bright by their own right. "

Antonio Orlando Rodríguez